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For mobile platforms that do not support full web browsing, or users who prefer "mobile ready" sites, Helios Calendar includes a striped down interface that allows users to browse & search events from mobile browsers. All event data including: description (without HTML), date, time, location and contact details are available via the mobile site. Search permits keyword/phrase search of event Title and Description but is limited to the ten most relevant, upcoming events.


AccessKey Support

Many mobile browsers support AccessKey mapping. Helios Calendar Mobile's default AccessKey mapping is:

1 - Today's Events
2 - This Week's Events
3 - Search Events
4 - Choose Language
0 - Help File

NOTE: AccessKey support can be modified by editing the mobile site file /events/m/includes/footer.php.

.mobi Domain Ready

The Helios Calendar Mobile site can be easily used in conjunction with a .mobi domain (pointing to your mobile site install). A sample is available at: - Helios Calendar Demo Site.

Tip: If you make changes to customize the mobile site test it at, you can click here to see the Helios Calendar Demo results.

Tested and Supported Mobile Browsers

Helios Calendar Mobile is XHTML Mobile Profile 1.2 compliant and will work with any mobile platform that supports this standard.


For preview screenshots of Helios Calendar Mobile on several popular mobile browser platforms visit

iOS Specific Integration

Users browsing the mobile site using Safari Mobile on an iOS device will see the following links in an event's details unavailable to users on other platforms:

  1. A tel: link for one touch dialing (events with a contact phone number only).