We are very excited to announce that Selene Directory 2.0 has reached beta.

As you are likely aware we've been hard at work over the last several months on the next major release of Selene Directory. We are pleased to finally be able to share our progress with the greater Refresh Community and are announcing several important updates today related to the upcoming release of Selene Directory 2.0.

Beta Availability

The beta is now available to all Selene Directory users. Several members of the Refresh Community have already been assisting with our efforts and the Selene alpha was one of our best yet. With the conclusion of the alpha we're now able to make Selene Directory available to all existing users.

To request your copy of the beta simply submit a support ticket from your Refresh Member account and we'll send you a copy with upgrade instructions.

SeleneDirectory.com Updates

Version 2.0 represents sweeping changes to just about every aspect of Selene Directory. To help introduce current and future users to the new Selene Directory we've launched the new site a bit early. To catch up on what's new & improved, and to try out the brand new demo visit www.SeleneDirectory.com.

We've also updated our demo installation of Selene Directory, including a new theme we are working on for the version 2.0 launch. To preview our in-progress theme on the demo click here.

License Discounts

We've received a lot of emails asking about the current "Early Adopter" discount. We understand that not everyone is comfortable using beta software or applying frequent testing upgrades. In an effort to accommodate as many of Selene's new friends as possible, we're announcing today the extension of the discount.

Our 50% Early Adopter discount for new Selene Directory license purchases will be extended 30 days from the official release of Version 2.0. There are no limits to the number of discounted licenses which can be purchased and the discount is currently (and automatically) available for all new licenses ordered from the Refresh Members Site.

Note: This discount applies only to new, "standard" license orders.

Support Subscriptions

When we originally released Selene Directory, we promised that upgrades & priority support subscriptions would be extended free of charge until one year from the release of version 1.0. When we began work on version 2.0 we reaffirmed our commitment to this extension, however, today we're announcing an important change to it.

When Selene Directory 2.0 is released all existing licenses will have their upgrades & priority support subscription extended 18 months. The extra 6 months is our way of saying thank you to all Selene Directory users for their support, feedback (and patience) while we worked to reach this important milestone.

Note: While the new license discount will be extended 30 days from release, subscription extensions will only be available on licenses purchased before version 2.0 is released. After version 2.0 is released, new license purchases will receive our standard 12 month upgrades & support subscription term.

Version 0.9.x Support

After much deliberation, and discussion with current Selene users, we've decided that to best serve the Selene Directory community version 0.9.x (given it's exceeding age) should be retired slightly ahead of schedule. To that end, we're announcing today that support for version 0.9.7 will be retired 60 days after the release of version 2.0.

2.0 Release Date

While the alpha was very productive, and feedback thus far has been encouraging, we've not yet committed to a release date for version 2.0. Our current goal is late March/early April, however, as we progress through the beta this time frame will become more focused. The latest updates (and speculation ) are, as always, available in the Think Tank.

More Soon!