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  • Public Calendar Alpha

    To assist in expediting the testing phase an alpha test of the new public calendar has been uploaded to the Helios demo. If you notice anything not working as you expect it should please post about it here. Remember this is an early alpha so there are still some things that are likely broken. Fixes will be posted periodically, and updates to this thread made accordingly.

    A few areas of interest:

    1) XHTML layout. If you experience issues please let me know your browse type/version and if you can pass along a screenshot that would be great.
    2) New syndication links. There are now twelve sites included in the "Subscribe to Our Feed" section of the RSS page, if you have an account with one and can test it please let me know how it goes.
    3) Pop-up calendar date format. Currently set to d/m/y however this will be an optional setting in the admin (once the new admin is uploaded). For now the d/m/y validation needs to be tested.
    4) New mini-calendar. The whole thing, navigation, days, "jump-to" select list, etc.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    wow, this looks great. i love the new design of the mini-calendar, especially the drop down month feature. will let you know if I come across any bugs.


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      Chris, on my FF the "feedback" shows up underneath the minical. Strangly enough, IE displays it correctly.
      For example,

      Also, I would suggest hyperlinking the Valid XHTML/CSS icon to the XHTML validation rather than a seperate link at the bottom of a page, it seems out of place to me.

      Great update, can't wait to Beta test.


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        Thanks. The feedback box has not yet been converted to XHTML. Its still just the same old table and images. Once I get it converted to a DIV we should be ok with FF, and Opera (sidenote: I've been using Opera 8.52 a bit for testing, not a bad browser).

        The XHTML link is temporary. I put it there so I could test the validators. It will be left in for the beta test but probably won't show up in the final release. It always seemed kinda silly to me when people leave those in. Like it should be for development only. I will probably leave the graphic though, with the O and XHTML/CSS. I think it looks nice


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          Is it just me, (and it probably is) or does the public calendar 1.1 seem a lot faster then 1.0.5 did?


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            Originally posted by chris
            4) New mini-calendar. The whole thing, navigation, days, "jump-to" select list, etc.
            Is there a way I can get the code that does this? I am updating my files and would like to use the new calendar


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              I would LOVE to give it to you, and believe me I'm as anxious as you are to get 1.1 out the door, but there is so much that it depends on being included, global date & time formats for example, it would be prohibitively difficult for you to integrate it.


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                You'd be surprised I know my way around php pretty well.


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                  I did not mean to call into doubt your PHP skills. I simply meant that it would be repetative for you to do all the changes I have already done just to copy over it once you download 1.1